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Aerith Gainsborough
7 February
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Character: Aerith Gainsborough
Series/Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (immediately post-game)
Appearance: Aerith stands at roughly, 5'2, which is rather short, and has an almost sprite-like or some would say pixie-like appearance, given that she is so slight of frame. She has long light brown hair that reaches roughly to her waist, which is always worn back in a long braid, tied off at the top with her signature pink bow, given to her by Zack Fair. Her face is framed by bangs that are commonly referred to as antennae bangs, which arch up for an inch or more then fall back down to frame either side of her face, down to around her chin.Her eyes are large and a startling shade of bright green, above a small curved nose, and a small full set of lips that are almost always turned up in a smile. Around her neck she wears a small black string, although the significance of this is unknown. For clothing she commonly wears a pink spaghetti-strap dress, with eight white buttons down the font that end just below her knees, while the dress itself ends around her ankles. Over the dress she wears a deep red denim bolero jacket; a half-jacket of sorts, with four buttons down the front. On her arms, she has what look to be silver or steel arm bands at the end of the short sleeves of her jacket, as well as gold or brass gauntlets around her wrists, which are compiled of three sections, growing wider away from her wrist in each section. For shoes, she wears sturdy brown boots, that rise just above her ankles and have straps across the top, presumably to hold them on her feet better.
Personality: Most commonly, people refer to Aerith as a kind hearted person, especially based on their first impression of her. Spending more time with her only solidifies this, especially if one is to watch her in her every day environment of the Midgar slums, where she would generally come into contact with those whom she cares most about. To those people, she shows unconditional caring and is always sincere. If she sees someone that she cares about who is distressed or upset, she will go out of her way to cheer them up, and try to brighten their day, if its with something a simple and small as a hello and a smile, or sitting and listening to them talk at length. An outsider might look at her and see a damsel in distress and a naive young girl, but Aerith is anything but.
Aside from her kindness, Aerith learned that growing up in the Slums means living a semi-harsh life. When the need arises, she will defend herself or anyone she cares about, no matter the cost to herself. Although she prefers to believe the best of people, she realizes that this cannot always be the case, and it is during these times that her inner strength, spunk, and resourcefulness come out. She is not afraid to admonish someone -- even those she cares about -- if she feels they have done wrong, with either a look or a well-phrased bit of advice. A kaleidoscope of emotions, Aerith can range from playful or flirtatious, to cheerful, to sharing empathy or sympathy, and even to quiet yet fierce and strong, depending on the situation and surroundings.
If she sees someone she cares about in a situation that could cause them harm, she will not hesitate to go out on a limb to save them, or do everything that she can to keep them from coming to any harm. Impulsive, Aerith doesn't always think these ideas through before executing them, although luck is usually on her side and she is able to make it through without too much harm. She's extremely optimistic, which shines through everything she has been through in her short life. Where others hope and brightness might have been snuffed out do to the harsh conditions of the slums, after losing their loved ones at such a young age, and then having a destiny almost forced onto them, Aerith has always been able to make the best of any situation and help her friends to see the brighter sides of their situations, no matter how dark or drastic it might look to them at the time. Coming to her friends aid, Aerith is able to hold her own in almost any fight. Although her strength is no more than average, she is able to use this strength in battles to help enhance her skills with a basic staff, along with above average healing powers that she does not hesitate to use on allies if they are injured, or if she comes across someone who needs healing, yet doesn't have the ability to do it themselves.
Underneath all of this strength, hope, and optimism, Aerith strives to be a normal girl. Or, at least as close to normal as one can get living in the slums. She has the same desires and dreams as most; to have someone special in her life, someone to love her and spend possibly the rest of her life with. She doesn't often share these dreams and hopes, although they live inside of her. Aerith has motivations behind her actions, and some might consider this to be her one selfish trait. Its true that her motivation could be selfish but then again, she is only human, not a saint. She tries not to show it too much though, because it is in Aerith's nature to put others before herself in every situation, even if it is of no advantage to her.
In almost everyone she meets, Aerith inspires them to be kind to others, in response to her kindness to them. It almost seems more like a gift than a trait, really, and brings a spark of hope to most others lives that she touches. Although she doesn't realize it, Aerith is a role model to the children of the slums, who look up to her and admire her for her strength and kindness, and how she would always look out for them. Some of the children even called her "big sister" eventually, showing truly how much she was loved by those whom she loved.
History: Its a long story
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